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Since 2002, Creme della Creme has specialized in marketing writing, dental writing, graphic design, website design, print design and more.
Writing,Dental Writing, Graphic Design, Website Design, Professional Writing, Print Design, Marketing, Public Relations
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About Crème della Crème

It All Started When…

Founded in 2002 by Allison DiMatteo, Crème della Crème originally focused exclusively on providing dental writing services to dental professionals, product manufacturers, and trade magazine publishers. We’ve grown in size and the scope of our services since then, and now our clients include—but are not limited to—international product manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and niche service providers located in Auburn, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY; in Cayuga, Onondaga and Westchester counties; in Palm Beach county, FL; throughout the Finger Lakes region; across the United States; and around the world.


Yet, we remain committed to realizing our vision: to be the positively recognized and on-going first-choice “go-to resource” that successfully and consistently meets and exceeds your expectations for writing and design services, including marketing writing, print design, website design, dental writing, graphic design and more.

Value That’s Inherent,
Not Just Added

We’re hard-working, efficient, and polished. We value each other and provide value to our clients with dedication and a demonstrated commitment to excellence; team collaboration and individual leadership and initiative; thoughtful and considerate creativity; originality; thorough attention to details; efficiency; respect for others and their experience, knowledge, and expertise; and support and encouragement.


Some of our clients call upon us to help them better communicate how they assist their own customers in building and growing their businesses. Others task us with differentiating them from their competition through different outlets, like graphic design, website design, marketing writing and more. Although their markets, organizational structures, and budgets are as diverse as their specialties and communication challenges, our knowledgeable creativity and flexibility enable us to meet their needs. Have we inspired your attention yet?

Our Team

Allison M. DiMatteo, BA, MPS

Founder & Owner

Thinker, planner, writer, creative visionary, avid penguin lover before penguins were trending. Every client’s project and ultimate success are things I take very personally. Attention to their needs and providing creative solutions to their communication challenges inspires me minute by minute.

Fun facts about Allison

Nicknames: Al, Alli, Kit


Where I hit the books (college): Nazareth College of Rochester; Cornell University


I chose this career path because: It chose me, and I passionately roll with it.


What I do here: What don’t I do? I have a blast!


Why I like working here: I get to create, inspire, and be inspired by my staff and clients daily.


I love our clients because: They’re all great people with their own unique passions.


What motivates me to work hard is: A desire to use my talents to help others do what they do.


I take my caffeine in the form of: Diet Coke, tea, and mocha latte.


Pet peeves: Dull pencils, un-sticky sticky notes, and dry highlighters.


Guilty pleasures: Chocolate, fashion magazines, and shoes.


Don’t tell the boss: Oh, she already knows my secrets.


Passions: Writing, teaching, creating, and learning.


If I could change the world I would: Eliminate fear, envy, and hate.


Favorite quote: “Let it be.” Yeah, it’s a song but it’s quotable and a great mantra to relieve stress.

Katy Vitale

Manager of Design & Creative Services

Creative problem solver, inspiring designer, project manager, Jill-of-all-office equipment, secretly attends Hogwarts. The creative process is new and different—and demands ever-evolving skills and talents—for each client. It’s personally and professionally rewarding to bring their vision to life.

Fun facts about Katy

Nicknames: Pumpkin, Sunshine


Where I hit the books (college): Monroe Community College


I chose this career path because: Being artsy and creative makes me happy.


What I do here: Graphic design.


Why I like working here: I get to be creative everywhere and in everything I do.


I love our clients because: They have faith in us to design and execute their visions, and I love helping them reach their goals.


What motivates me to work hard is: Witnessing our clients’ reactions when they see how all of their creative ideas and hopes for a project come together to really say what they want to say.


I take my caffeine in the form of: Coffee (hold the cream and sugar!).


Pet peeves: Crooked picture frames.


Guilty pleasures: Donuts.


Don’t tell the boss: I wish I could wear yoga pants to work every day.


Passions: Exploring new places, interior decorating, and painting.


If I could change the world I would: Ensure that everyone felt loved.


Favorite quote: “In a world of cheerios, be a Fruit Loop!”

Suzanne Podolak

Client Concierge

Customer service provider extraordinaire, energetic relationship builder, charismatic meeter and greeter, waiting to redesign and nurture the office landscaping. Whether our clients have one project or many, or rely on us for on-going support, I’m their go-to person for information and staying on track.

Fun facts about Sue

Nicknames: Sue


Where I hit the books (college): Black Hark College


I chose this career path because: I had a huge opportunity to change careers and learn something new.


What I do here: Build and maintain relationships, ensure our clients’ needs are being met, and have fun doing it!


Why I like working here: Every day I meet new clients, take on new challenges, and no two days are ever the same.


I love our clients because: They inspire, teach me, and challenge me.


What motivates me to work hard is: I want to be successful.


I take my caffeine in the form of: Wegmans Dark Roast coffee.


Pet peeves: when people drive with their back window covered in snow


Guilty pleasures: Watching Housewives.


Don’t tell the boss: Blank. If I wrote it down, she’d know.


Passions: My family, gardening, reading, and SU basketball.


If I could change the world I would: Not send young men off to war.


Favorite quote: “Some people come into our lives as lessons; some people come into our lives as blessings.”

Pasquale the Penguin

Logo & Mascot

Some might think it’s unusual to relate to a penguin and make it a prominent part of a company’s brand. At Crème della Crème, we believe that penguins represent “The Best of the Best” in nature—just as we, too, strive to achieve the best of the best in what we do, thereby inspiring attention that matters.


Through teamwork, adaptability, and perseverance, penguins thrive where many would fail. Endowed with many natural talents, their most unique gift is their ability to effectively communicate with each other.

See Us In Action